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Description for Inflatable  Bumper Ball Product:

1. Bumper Ball Induction: 

Body zorb Ball is also called body zorb, inflatbale bumper ball, body bumper ball etc. 

It is inflatable sphere 1.5m or 1.8M for adults and 1.2M for children, which is made of PVC or TPU . 

Body zorbing is the newest activity for 2013, Bodyzorbing is physical, exhilarating, and enormous fun for children and adults. Now body zorbing is very popular in UK,USA,AU and other european countries. 

Body zorbing have been seen on ITV and on BBC Sport, Even Body zorbs have become part of the school sports scene in some schools. Body zorbing will be more and more popular woldwide in the furture. 

Bumper Balls can be used by small children as well as adults, simply by adjusting the padded harness on the inside of the ball.

Inside the body zorb ball your legs is free so it is to run, jump, walk, flip and do lots of funs and play lots of games such as Body Zorb Football, Tag, Zorb Sumo, Bulldog Zorb and many more. Or you can just run around solo and try tomaster a forward roll, cartwheel or back flip. It has many ways to play body zorbing ball, and it can also play on different locations, like grass, hill, beach, snow, water, desert, etc. 
2.Bumper Ball playing Instruction: 
(1) Make sure no sharp things on ground when playing the bodyzorbing. Need a capet the common ground. 
(2) It is forbidden to carry with keys and mobile phone, glasses and sharp small decorations during the palying. 
(3) Make sure to check the body zorb ball is in a good condition belt and handle is firm before playing. 
(4) Please keep the sign "UP" on body zorbing in right direction, Do not slide in the body zorbing in a wrong drection. 
(5) Player should be in belt, hold the two handles. 
(6) Chilren should play with the accompany of adults. 
(7) People with heart disease, high blood pressure and physical weak shall not play it. 

(8) It is forbidden to use in rain day, and the wind above level three.

3.FAQ about Bumper ball:

1): What are Bumper Balls?

The balls themselves are like giant inflatable bubbles that can be worn comfortably by adjusting the padded harness. 

The balls allow you to bump, roll and flip over without any risk of injury. 

2): What can Bumper Balls be used for?

Favourite games played are:-

· Bubble Football / Bubble Soccer

· Bumper Balls (Human Dodgems)

· Bumper Bull Dog

· Last One Standing

· Bumper Ball Sumo

3): Where can Bumper Balls be used?

We recommend using the Bumper Balls on either grass or wooden floors such as basketball courts or sports halls. 

4): Who can use Bumper Ball?

umper Ball can be used by small children as well as adults. The Bumper Balls have a padded harness on the inside of 

the ball which is easily adjusted to get the perfect fit, no matter what your size. 

5): Is there an age limit for Bumper Ball?

The minimum age is 7 years old and the maximum is 99 years old (as long as youre in great health)! 

6):Is there a weight limit for Bumper Ball?

There is no minimum weight limit, but there is a maximum weight limit of 100Kgs. 

7): Are you likely to get hurt?

The equipment has been extensively tested and its near impossible to get hurt as long as you follow our guidelines. 

8): How many Bumper Balls are available?

Whether you have a small group of mates wanting to have fun or a large corporate event, we can cater for any number! We do 

recommend a minimum of 6 Bumper Balls to get the REAL effect of the fun you can have! (or as our demand)

9): How to maintain and storage?

1 Disinfect and clean the ball regularly.

2 Check the ball before using. Any damage, please mend it with our repairing kit and glue.

3 After use, please remove sundries outside and inside the ball.

4 Before packing, make sure the ball is clean and dry.Then store it in cool and dry place.