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 Inflatable SUP board series

It's popular PVC high quality inflatable SUP board wholesale inflatable surfboard
    The  Inflatable SUP Series has been completely redesigned and transformed into a true hybrid SUP! Now you can sit, stand, surf, tour, and perform yoga on these wonderful SUPs!
    Our inflatable SUPs are now made with 6" thick drop stitch material to increase buoyancy, rigidity, and stability. We've also added 4" nose/entry rocker followed by a slight continuous board rocker and finish/exit with a 2" tail rocker!
    These combined attributes increase the over all performance, handling, and stability of our Series making it a true hybrid SUP that can be used while sitting, standing, surfing and touring!

    The full length EVA foam Diamond Deck Pad provides excellent traction and maximum foot comfort while surfing and on extended tours. The Custom Performance Kick Tail prevents you from slipping off the tail and will assist you with blind foot placement that's precise every time!

Please check the equipment of inflatable surfboard:

Please check the equipment of inflatable surfboard: